5 – 9pm  Tuesday- Sunday

DINNER ROLLS (4)  house made served with honey butter…4.00

CHEESE PLATE  brie, fennel pollen-honey, apple butter, pickled raisins, cracker…10.00

CHARCUTERIE BOARD guinea hen pate, duck liver mousse, cured pork belly, accompaniments…14.00

KIMCHI TOSTADA  refried sea peas, cabbage, sunny side egg, black sesame…7.00

KOREAN FRIES  Korean chili flake, miso aioli, spicy ssamjang sauce…6.50

BUFFALO BRUSSELS SPROUTS  ranch, ginger-garlic butter…9.00

SALT-ROASTED ROOT VEGETABLES vin cotto, pistachio oil, whipped ricotta, squash chips…8.00

SAVORY CHEESE TART  creamy gruyère filling, roasted leek + pear, arugula…14.00

CRAB SALAD shaved kohlrabi, blood orange, crispy rice, edamame, citrus vinaigrette, herbs… 13.00

SIMPLE GREEN SALAD  buttermilk dressing, cherry tomato, shaved radish, crouton crumbs…8.00

WINTER SALAD  candied walnut, cider, cherries, pears, pickled raisins, Northern Lights blue…10.00


GRILLED CHEESE  house white bread, gruyère, cheddar, fontina, tomato aioli, lots of butter…10.00

CHEESEBURGER  milk bun, aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, 1000 island, pickles…12.50

PATTY MELT  maple-caramelized onions, cheddar, gruyère, hamburger patty, rye…13.00


RICOTTA CAVATELLI roasted pumpkin, kale, roasted shallots, brown butter + sage, pumpkin oil…15.00

THAI BEEF CURRY  carrots, potatoes, coconut milk, rice, cilantro, peanuts, chili oil…15.00

SHIITAKE STIR-FRY  charred vegetables, pea shoots, tofu, water chestnut, scrambled egg…15.50

GRILLED PORK CHOP apples + pears, bacon, almond cream, spiced broccoli, blue cheese… 25.00

CHICKEN ROULADE sausage + breast roulade, stuffing, gravy, cranberry-persimmon sauce…18.00

SHORE LUNCH  breaded walleye, Texas toast, tartar sauce, petite salad, lemon…15.50

TONIGHT’S FISH  kale + parsnip wild rice pilaf, lemon-caper brown butter, sweet potato…23.00

DENVER STEAK + FRIES grass fed beef, petite salad, chipotle aioli…25.00

DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE  chocolate frosting, creme fraiche ice cream… 9.00


PUMPKIN BUDINO  lightly spiced pudding, pecan streusel, coffee cake, whipped cream, cherry… 6.00

CRACKER JACK SUNDAE  honey ice cream, poached apples, caramel-peanut popcorn… 7.00