HUMMUS  warm olives, grilled pita, sumac + paprika, hazelnut dukka.  11

KIMCHI TOSTADA  refried sea peas, cabbage, sunny side egg, sesame, scallions.  6

KOREAN FRIES  Korean chili flake, miso aioli, spicy ssamjang sauce.  6

BUFFALO BRUSSELS SPROUTS  ranch, ginger-garlic butter.  8

ROASTED MUSHROOMS charred broccolini, bok choy, pea shoots, watercress, miso. 9

LOBSTER MACARONI + CHEESE pecan and cheez-it® gremolata.  11

ROASTED SWEET POTATO  blue cheese butter, red hot, chives.  5

SIMPLE GREEN SALAD  herbed buttermilk dressing, radishes, herb croutons.  7

FENNEL SALAD  orange, fennel pollen, pistachio, goat cheese, endive, watercress.  10

WALDORF SALAD grilled gem, green goddess, grapes, hazelnuts, pink lady apples, provolone.  12


GRILLED CHEESE  wild rice multigrain, gruyère, cheddar, fontina, tomato aioli, lots of butter.  9

STEAKHOUSE BURGER  aged cheddar, onion-bacon jam, secret sauce, pickles.  11

RICOTTA CAVATELLI  edamame, shiitake + oyster mushrooms, shanghai choy, miso butter.  13

LAMB + PORK MEATBALLS onion soubise, strawberry sofritto, lentils, herb salad. 17

GRILLED SKUNA BAY SALMON  vegetable-artichoke broth, saffron, asparagus.  21

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST  fiddlehead ferns, peas + onions, fingerling potato, vermouth cream.  18

SHORE LUNCH  breaded Lake Wobegon walleye, bacon, crispy potatoes, tartar sauce, lemon.  19

STEAK-FRITES grass fed beef, fries, chipotle steak sauce, chimichurri, lime béarnaise.  23


PANNEKOEKEN  Dutch born, MN raised.  Seasonal fruit, nut streusel, crème fraîche ice cream. 8

ADULT ICE CREAM SANDWICH  ginger-molasses cookies, brown sugar bourbon ice cream.  4.5

SUNDAE FUNDAE  dark chocolate brownie, peanut butter cups, caramelized white chocolate sauce, midnight snack ice cream, marshmallow fluff.  8.5