SIMPLE GREEN SALAD herbed buttermilk dressing, radishes, herb croutons. 7
WINTER SALAD citrus, Asian pear, halloumi, Genoa salami, watercress, cherry tomato.  12
AN OMELETTE IS AN OMELETTE IS AN OMELETTE buttered toast, greens, goat cheese. 8
KIMCHI TOSTADA refried beans, cabbage, sunny side egg, sesame and scallions.  5
WHOLE GRAIN PORRIDGE wheat berries, squashes, herb oil, Brussels sprouts.  10
GRILLED CHEESE white bread, montasio, cheddar, tomato aioli, lots of butter. 8

KOREAN FRIES Korean chili flake, miso aioli, spicy ssamjang sauce. 6
STEAKHOUSE BURGER grassfed beef, maple-bacon jam, pickles, secret sauce. 11

SHORE LUNCH breaded Lake Wobegon walleye, bacon, crispy potatoes, tartar sauce. 18
SIMPLY PREPARED FISH seasonal vegetables,  butter and lemon.  19
YOGURT BRAISED LAMB spiced saffron rice, sweet potato, sesame + hazelnut dukka.  18
GRILLED PORK LOIN mushroom-wild rice pilaf, Haralson apple, celery. 23
COFFE RUBBED STEAK TIPS smoke chili-peanut mole, fingerlings, blood orange, cilantro. 16

BUFFALO BRUSSELS SPROUTS ginger-garlic butter, ranch.  8
ROASTED ROOT VEGETABLES honey roasted, yogurt, wild rice, spices, mint. 8
HASSELBACK POTATOES AU GRATIN garlic cream, montasio cheese, thyme.  8
LOBSTER MACARONI + CHEESE pecan + cheez-it gremolata.  10

PANNEKOEKEN Dutch born, MN raised. Pecan streusel, local blueberries, lemon zest,
crème fraîche ice cream. 8
WARM APPLE TART apple cider caramel, vanilla whip cream, puff pastry.  8
SUNDAE FUNDAE brown butter blondie, brûléed banana, butterscotch. Rice Crispies praline. 8
ADULT ICE CREAM SANDWICH oatmeal-Guinness cookie, salted caramel ice cream. 4