SIMPLE GREEN SALAD herbed buttermilk dressing, radishes, herb croutons. 7
MEDITERRANEAN SALAD pita, grilled plums, haloumi, citrus, tomato, pomegranate dressing. 12
add chicken to a salad – 6

AN OMELETTE IS AN OMELETTE IS AN OMELETTE buttered toast, greens, goat cheese. 8
KIMCHI TOSTADA refried beans, cabbage, sunny side egg, sesame and scallions. 5
WHOLE GRAIN PORRIDGE farro, honey-roasted carrots, pink beets, goat cheese, herbage. 10
RICE BOWL kimchi, grilled pork, sunny egg, scallions, black sesame, bok choy, sprouts. 11
FRENCH FRIES Korean chili flake, miso aioli, spicy ssamjang sauce or sea salt & ketchup. 6
*add fries to any sandwich or burger – 2.5
SMASHED BURGER soft buttered bun, pickles, American cheese, shaved iceberg. 7
MONTE CRISTO french toast battered, ham, apple & fontina, apple butter, sunny egg. 11
EGG SANDWICH english muffin, egg, bacon, American cheese 5
STEAKHOUSE BURGER grassfed beef, bacon, blue cheese, b & b pickles, red onion, dijonaise. 12
GRILLED CHEESE whole grain bread, montasio, cheddar, fontina, tomato aioli, lots of butter. 8
CRUNCHY PORK TORTA chipotle aioli, tomatoes, shredded cabbage, fried egg, swiss. 9
NORTH cWOODS MEATLOAF SAMMY venison & pork, fontina, wild rice, blueberry. 9

ADULT ICE CREAM SANDWICH Oatmeal Guinness cookie, salted caramel ice cream. 4